Custom personalized logo promotional sunglasses-Design your own shades

Custom personalized logo promotional sunglasses.

Welcome to ZLEYEWEAR.We are a sunglasses manufacture from China.If you are looking for a profesional eyewear factory to custom sunglasses with your personalized logo or company name,you are in the right place!We not only custom sunglasses but also sunglasses accessories such as sunglasses box, display,layard,pouch,cloth and ect.

You can find trendiest wayfarer,aviator,polarized and party sunglasses here. Such as oversized,vintage,polarized,fashionable and computer glasses. The MOQ of sunglasses customized with logo is 300pcs. You can choose kinds of colors by yourslef. It is amazing to combine different colors by yourself. You certainly would like to find the wonderful sunglasses to improve your sunglasses business profite.

Tt is necessary to know what the trend is in sunglasses industry. The trend is importance for you to make a smart choice.Different audience have different tastes. For the young audience, they would like unrestrained and enthusiastic. Bright colors and unique design will meet their requirements. If your audience is between the ages of 38 and 60, they will appreciate gentlemanly, elegant style. Sober colors like white and black, retro designs will fit their needs.

Our wholesale sunglasses bulk contains a variety of colors. Such as red, pink, white, black, green and leopard print. Cause colorful and sober color would make your sunglasses sold out faster. In our minds,the sunglasses are not just glasses.It can also be an attitude towards life, an art, and a precious gift.As a result,we only offer the quality shades and not the cheap quality ones. Every pair of glasses in our website is worth the money.

Oversized shades is one of the most trendy sunglass.They are often seen as a fashion statement. But you may ask how big the oversized sunglasses are. The size should be larger than traditional. One of the biggest perks of oversized sunglasses is they tend to look good on all face shapes. “As long as the fit is secure and comfortable, there are no other rules,” Matta explains. So people can opt for a trend that best fits their personal sense of style without having to worry about how the shape will look on them.Our oversized sunglasses are bug-eyed mega shades and retro-futuristic white glasses with lighter lenses.They’re great for UV protection and a good choice for your sunglasses business.

Before you plance an order,Here are some advise of what to keep in mind when choosing the style of oversized sunglasses, and you could give some guide to your customers .

  • No Touching of Cheeks – the pair should never touch your cheeks and always rests comfortably on your face, do the smile test when you can!
  • In line with Eyebrows – your oversized sunglasses should never completely cover your eyebrows. We suggest finding a pair that fits in line with your eyebrows for the best look.
  • Frame Size – try to identify your face shape, and you should never feel as if your glasses are weighing you down.

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