Vintage Motorcycle Goggles over glasses supplier/OEM/ODM KD002

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Vintage Motorcycle Goggles over glasses supplier/OEM/ODM KD002

Vintage Motorcycle Goggles over glasses supplier KD002,White half-rim goggles for skiing and snowboarding, sand and dustproof. The lenses are yellow to provide better vision. Made from high-quality materials, these goggles are durable and comfortable. It  comes with elastic straps and can adapt to different head shapes and provide a comfortable wearing experience. This goggles can protect your eyes from injury and improve your athletic performance.


1.Can be used with myopia glasses together
2.Half-frame design,reducing the overall weight and making it more comfortable to wear.
3. Windproof, sandproof and dustproof,effectively protecting the eyes from the external environment.
4.Adjustable elastic shoulder straps, providing a comfortable wearing experience.
5. High-definition yellow lenses,can enhance visual contrast and improve visual clarity in dim environments.

1. High-quality materials: ABS
2. Suitable for different groups of people: Whether they are ski enthusiasts or skateboarders, this goggles can provide good protection and are suitable for various sports scenes.
3. Improve sports performance: This goggle not only protects your eyes from injury, but also improves visual clarity during sports, thereby improving sports performance.
4. Easy to clean and maintain: The lenses are easy to clean, difficult to adhere to dirt, and easy to maintain.
5.High cost-effectiveness: While providing comprehensive protection, this goggle is also relatively affordable and has a high cost-effectiveness.



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